Free Association (Microphone)

In stores in South Africa April 29, 2017 (title – Free Association)

JHB Launch – May 4, 2017, Exclusive Books, Hyde Park, 6PM

CT Launch – May 11, 2017, Book Lounge, 6PM

Launching in the US, France and UK 2018 (title – Microphone)


Like its wry and delightfully impulsive hero, Microphone has profound – and profoundly entertaining – things to tell us about love, lies and storytelling in the age of digital celebrity. – Henrietta Rose-Innes, author of 6 novels, including Nineveh, winner of the Francois Sommer Literary Prize (France) 

Assured, controlled, thoughtful and funny to the point of paroxysms of laughter, snot and tears, Sidley’s enthralling power is reminiscent of the legendary piper who stole the hearts and minds of an entire fairy village with his magical music. – Fred Khumalo, novelist,  journalist and columnist (City Press)
Here be truth and humour, a fresh keen eye on the contemporary world, an electric intelligence and wit – a story compassionately and entertainingly told.  Darrel Bristow-Bovey, novelist and award-winning columnist (The Times)
A writer of that rare and endangered thing, the novel of ideas, Steven Boykey Sidley skewers the hidebound attitudes of the bourgeoisie in prose that is wide-ranging and plain-speaking. – Darryl Accone, Books Editor, The Mail & Guardian